Wanna learn Ninjutsu (忍術)?

Ninjutsu (忍術) is the Japanese martial art.

Training with Bujinkan Maten Dojo will give you a greater confidence awareness and motivation for life.  Through realistic Budo training you will experience more success in life.  You will be challenged, inspired and culturally empowered while learning traditional Japanese martial arts.

Their classes are available in LA, NY.  For more information, visit at http://matendojo.com/index.htm


3 Responses to “Wanna learn Ninjutsu (忍術)?”

  1. NIHONGOchannel Says:

    I visited their Dojo in NYC. Their training with some unique weapons were so impressive. Comparing to other martial arts, ninjutsu is required more ideas how to deal with those unique weapons. We never know when you will get attack by snatcher like the picture in above, but if you know this ninjutsu, you will be able to dodge the attack with some tricky technique. You will also discipline your mind and experience special spirit from learning Japanese martial arts.

  2. Andrew Ruiz Says:

    I live in L.A. and i’ve been interested in Bujinkan for a VERY long while.
    but the only problem is that i never knew where a dojo was around the area……(the boarder of Lynwood and Compton)
    After reading up on the Bujinkan Los Angeles Dojo
    in Sherman Oaks, i was able to stummble on to your link by accedent,… i know that im possitive that i would like to start my training this upcoming year, but i would like to know if there is anything that i would need to know in order to start off my training PROPERLY-(u know physically & mentally) ……
    So what do u think??? can u please give me any tip’s so that i can be better prepard for this upcoming year????
    I would really appriciate it….

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