Kimono Class

Kimono (着物) is Japanese traditional formal clothes. However, many people can’t wear Kimono by them self. It is sad but it is true…
I can wear casual version of Kimono (which is called Yukata 浴衣) by myself but Kimono is much more difficult to wear properly and beautifully. This is why, I started to take Kimono class at NIHONWASOU and learning not only how to wear Kimono but also culture, history, manner and their production process. I will be able to wear Kimono by the end of April. You will see me walking around New York in Kimono soon!
In this photo, Obiage (帯揚げ) and Obijime (帯締め). These are important items for the belt called Obi (帯).
Obiage, Obijime


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